Kelly Advocacy Outcomes LLC was created in the fall of 2016 to assist clients with a broad range of advocacy activities.  Based on the extensive experience and success in the advocacy field of Ms. Kelly, the organization is positioned to work effectively for clients with legislators and regulators, both federal and state, plus interest groups and other third parties.

Strategy Development
Over her almost four decades of advocacy work, Ms. Kelly developed and executed successful legislative and regulatory programs for the chain drug stores, medical technology companies, hospitals, and insurance companies.   Based on that experience and program development, Kelly Advocacy Outcomes is uniquely able to work with clients on strategy development, execution, course corrections, and written plans. Most recently and for almost nine years, Ms. Kelly served as the Senior Vice President for Government Affairs and Public Policy of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores (NACDS) leading successful multi-year efforts to assure adequate reimbursement for members in the Medicaid program, better opportunities for drug stores to serve patients in the Medicare Part D program, and resolution of drug supply chain legislation and drug abuse legislation. Ms. Kelly also spent eight years of her career serving in leadership positions at the Department of Health and Human Services and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, enabling her to understand and develop effective Administration outreach strategies.

Ongoing Counseling
In addition to strategy work, Kelly Advocacy Outcomes is capable of providing ongoing counseling on a wide range of government affairs activities. Ms. Kelly has built and run numerous advocacy and political support programs, all directed to achieve desired outcomes by her business employers. She asks the right questions to spur development of other points of view, permitting organizations to assess and reassess their ongoing actions.

Knowledge Transfer
Starting with her early healthcare work at the Department of Health and Human Services and culminating with the work for NACDS, Ms. Kelly has developed an extensive knowledge of the internal workings of the government, companies, and trade associations, plus specific issue areas such as healthcare reform, value-based health care, Medicare, Medicaid, the drug supply chain, drug abuse, TRICARE, and privacy of medical information, to mention a few.

During her years of work experience, Ms. Kelly has developed and maintained extensive relationships throughout the healthcare policymaking community.  These relationships will help clients to assess the political environment in which they operate and to make the best case possible to these policymakers.  Ms. Kelly has also chaired a number of advocacy coalitions including the Rx for Us Coalition, Confidentiality Coalition, and the Section 89 Coalition. She has served for many years on the Policy Board of the American Benefits Council and also was its first woman chair. She also served on the Board of Directors of the Society for Women's Health Research and is a member of both a broad-based advocacy group in Washington known as Health on Wednesday and Women Business Leaders (WBL).